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More than an apartment with fresh bread service.

In our lodge, the desire to cook will strike you even if you are not passionate about cooking. We are foodies and wine lovers, and as such we know the importance of the kitchen décor. That is why we have placed high importance on the quality and design of the lodge, with our prestigious cookware, designer dishes and fine wine glasses. The culinary art reaches its highest expression only when you can savour your creations in a beautiful setting. And great wine should be tasted from a glass that highlights all its characteristics. Are you making a special dish? In our herb garden you will find everything you need to flavour dishes as you prefer. After that,the best way to savour them is on your terrace while enjoying the panoramic view! Finally, in order to make breakfast a special event during your holiday, we are happy to bring you fresh bread every day in your apartment on request, so you will not have to get up early to buy it.

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